Number 13

People have been asking me if I miss American food. I honestly don’t miss much. The things I do miss are things that most American people don’t look for in food. I guess I am really not a normal American person, but I think we all already knew that.

Back in the states I was always the person that was on the hunt for good Asian foods. Restaurants and foods that hadn’t been corrupted by the American taste buds. Many of my close friends can attest to the fact that no matter where we were, no matter where we traveled Amanda could find good Asian food. For example if we wanted Chinese food, I wouldn’t take us to Panda Express, I would find something more authentic even if we had been in bum-fuck nowhere.

So, me missing the American size hamburgers, pizza, and what have you, isn’t really a missed thing with me. On the other hand, me missing Viet Tien, Mhong Town and/or Mhong Village, you bet your bottom dollar I am! I have been craving a #13 for a while. Oh that wonderful #13, yeah… I know the orders number.

These places are places that I fell in love with in the states, so I guess it is American food that I miss. In college I got to get away from the traditional every day meals of meat, a vegetable (normally some kind of carrot, pee, or bean), and mashed potatoes. I started making and eating other kinds of foods from all over the world. Through friends and things I cooked I found that Asian foods fit my tastes. Though at times finding the right items to make the foods was hard, especially in central MN, but I found my ways. Hence why I know #13 so well.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I am now in a place where I can easily make, buy, and eat the foods that had been so hard for me to obtain back home. I can buy ready made bentos (lunches/dinners) that are made daily and don’t consist of a burger, pizza, or sandwich. I can go into almost any store/convince store and buy onigiri (rice ball) as a meal or snack.

So, even though I wont mind going home and eating the American foods other ALTs here are missing, I am doing fantastic with the food here.  Language is still a challenge, but I am still making my time in Japan enjoyable and entertaining. The food is good, the people are friendly, and my life is going well. As Mama would have said, “It’s all good.”

But Dad might have been right all along when he said “You’re going to Japan and you an’t ever coming back.”



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