You’re my Honey Bun, Sugar Plum, Pumpi-um-pi-umkin.

Valentines day is coming up fast and everyone knows what that means. Yes! Day after discounted chocolate and wine sales!! But lets get real, Valentines day is a holiday celebrated all around the world. Now, the traditions might differ in each country but the meaning is still the same; a day full of love and joy.

For those of us who are still riding on the single ban wagon, for sure those of us who never seem to get off *cough*, it is a little disheartening. Sure all the couples out there get to have a great time, spend money on nice gifts and food, or possibly get the “couples discount,” we shouldn’t let this get us down. So what am I doing to make this holiday from hell a little less shitty?


(image from google images)

Tomorrow I am making chocolates with my fellow troublemaker Taylor. We are going to be busy drinking wine and making cute little chocolates all through the night. Maybe watch a TV program we can laugh our hearts out at while we work. Since we wont be making chocolaty treats for a boyfriends or lovers, we will be handed them out to our base schools teachers as a gift. I fear that many, if not most, of them will probably be deemed unworthy and end up in our stomachs. Got to be careful though, can’t eat too many.

As you can tell tomorrow is not near Valentines Day, but I have made sure to do something on the day of. I have talked with Becca (my KPOP ALT BFF) and we have a few fun ideas on how to spend our day for V-day. It might deal with more chocolate, cake, and various other sweets, but we are going to make the most of it. I think I might even get some ice cream. Dangerous I know! Regardless I wont be spending it alone in my apartment. That is the point right? Instead I will be a crazy, hyped up goof ball off of chocolate and sugar instead.

So, for all those out there that would be sad and lonely for the holiday, try not to let it get you down. Go out and find something to do! Bake some sweets and then eat those sweets! Find a lover for the night! Go wild! Just do something that will make the day that lovers love, lovable for you. If for some reason your day is a total flop, just remember there is always Black Day (a rather awesome but silly fake Korean holiday) for singles, April 14th. Good luck to us all!!!


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