Nothing crazy, but not too lazy.

This weekend was nothing crazy, but it was nice. It as a little lazy and filled with maybe what I should consider to much food. Still, I enjoyed it.

Saturday I slept in till about 8:30 am. I know, wow right? For many that is normal every day wake up time, but for me that was sleeping in. I was up late the night before and I was hoping to at least make it to 9:30 am, but as you can tell that didn’t happen. I also woke up that morning at around 5:00 am. What the hell for? Not sure myself. I didn’t even go to the bathroom… I was up for an hour after that. Sleeping is just not one of my talents these days.

Besides that little bit of, not really needed, information I was supposed to meet up with two fellow ALTs that day, Becca for lunch and Taylor for dinner. Becca had to do some shopping at the mall in Kudamatsu and I decided to tag along to get lunch with her. We ate Korean food at a local Korean Restaurant. I had been there once before with her and the food was good.


I was excited to go back for a second time. This time I had ox tail bone ramen, it was super good! The gentlemen that was serving us wasn’t sure if I was going to be okay eating it. For one, since it was my first time ordering it and second, because it was rather large portion for me. But I was hungry and was able to eat the whole thing with no struggle at all. I really surprised him. I think that means one point for me, zero points for the portion size! Guess there is still a little bit of an American sized stomach in me yet.

After lunch, we did a little bit of shopping for Becca. She needed some sewing stuff, and food, but we both needed bubble tea. Yes, that is right! There is a little stand in the Kudamatsu mall where you can get bubble tea. It isn’t as good as Tea Garden back in the Twin Cities, but that is mostly because we don’t have all the crazy options here. I miss that place, but I am glad I can get a little treat similar to it here.

After I said good bye to Becca and got on my train home, I was supposed to meet up with Taylor for dinner. She wanted to come visit me in Yanai, since she had never been there before. I was still full from lunch and a little sluggish from not sleeping well the night before, I wasn’t sure on whether I wanted to meet her or not. I was more so wanting a nap.

I texted Taylor to see if she was on her way, she was supposed to be arrive shortly after myself to my station. She told me she hadn’t even left yet. Okay, not that big of a problem, but that meant the night was going to be longer. Well, for many reasons we decided that calling it a night was better. She was happy for being able to have her ‘me time’ and I was happy nothing. We are planning to meet on Wednesday for chocolate making fun anyway, so not meet Saturday was okay with both of us.

Sunday, I did very little and I liked it. I should have done a lot more than I did, but I enjoyed not having to be anywhere, to meet anyone, or to have to travel. I just was enjoying the comforts of home. So much so I didn’t put on my face (makeup) or shower that day. I even had on my lazy Sunday American gear, meaning work out gear and a fleece. So, when I ended up running to the store quickly I didn’t do much to improve my appearance.


But of course Amanda can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one of her students. The student I did run into was one of my first year girls at my base school, Yanai High School. She was all dolled up and looking super cute in her well planned out outfit. Making my outfit feel even more crummy and unfit to be out in public in. I asked her where she was headed. She said Karaoke and when I asked with who, she responded with classmates. Sounded like a super fun time, too bad I couldn’t join them. In my outfit though, I don’t think I would have invited myself either.

After that all went down I got back to business. I finally opened up my Japanese text books I bought on my last trip to Fukuoka. I was a little lost and confused at times because I am using three books that relate to one another but I think I have started to understand how they work. Only time will tell if this is true. Wish me luck regardless! I am totally a failure when it comes to self study. Hopefully I can do this.

Later that day I was also able to get in a little run, just short of 2 miles. It was a rough run, but with a little more time a 3 mile run will be no big deal. I still have a little over a month left until my 5K. I hope I can continue to work hard on training for it. I guess there is a lot I need to be wished luck for. LET’S DO THIS!


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