Dropping like flies.

My poor kids are dropping like flies. Since the start of last week students have been slowly disappearing from classrooms all over the school. It is starting to feel like a seen straight out of a apocalyptic movie. People slowly become infected with some deathly disease that creeps its way through the lives of humans all over the world until it finally takes over and wipes out the entire human race! Then the few that are left need to rebuild life as we know it.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t like this, but it does seem similar to the opening of some movie. Kids have been leaving school with fevers and illnesses all week. Others haven’t even made it into class. Influenza is all around us and it is taking hold of many students and teachers a like. I, thankfully, haven’t been infected; yet. There is always time for the virus to finds its way into my system. Hopefully I will be safe.

My supervisors classroom, 1の2, has been hit the hardest. Today we are missing 9 students. That is a large number when normally there are 38 students in a classroom. Meaning we only have 29 students left. That is a whole row of students missing. The other classrooms have a few students missing here and there, but ours is the worst. I hope that all of them are taking care and will get better soon.

Regardless of if you are currently sick, feeling a little under the weather, or are totally fine, please everyone take care. Stay warm, be sure to get a lot of vitamin C, and get a lot of rest to help keep up your immune system. Don’t forget to wash your hands often as well. Let the battle for good health begin!


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