I think there’s something there that wasn’t there before.

Today is the start of another week, it is officially Monday once again. We all know that Mondays lag and can easily be considered the longest day of the week, but I am hoping that today isn’t the case. With the week I had last week, and the weekend I concord I think a quick but easy Monday would be perfect. Let’s recap last week!

Monday: I had no lessons scheduled but the Sako’s came for their visit. They both chatted with my base schools English club, and got a short tour of the school. There was dinner and laughter, but also my cruddy tour of the town. In the end the day was fun, but busy.

Tuesday: I taught at my visit school in Tabuse. I would do one lesson with four different second year classes. The classes are split in half which means I taught the same lesson eight times. Good thing it is only 25 minutes that my lessons are for. After all our classes that day I had to book it back to Yanai High School, my base school. I had been invited to visit the Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony club for tea. My supervisor kept calling it a “tea party,” isn’t she just precious.

Wednesday: Better known as hump day, was a rather normal day at my base school. I had my normal lesson schedule, but the additional class with the third years. After school was the dinner party that Akita-san held where I met the two young men my age. It was a late night, but a good night!

Thursday: Getting to the end of the week now! I had only one lesson. It was my last lesson with the third years. It was also the day I got told that I am one of what the third year boys considers his ideal type of girl. Yeah, they love me here. Besides that I also had English club after school where I assisted one of my first years with questions she can use when she interviews American people at the Iwakuni base. She visited there on Saturday. In the end a rather a normal day, just long.

Friday: Rain, rain, rain, and yeah… More Rain. It rained all day. I had to work at my visit school Yanai Technical High School, but to get there I walked about 20 or so minutes in the rain. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered, but it was a rather heavy rain. Meaning, I would get to deal with wet shoes and socks all day. Yay me. After my last lesson I would need to quickly as possible pack up my things and head to train station to hop over to Tabuse. There a basketball game was held at my other visit school. It was against the Iwakuni base so they asked for my assistance with English. I don’t know if I really did much, but I did what I could when I could. I know some of the kids had been calmer sice I was sitting there with them because lets face it, Americans playing any sport is a loud and scary experience. In the end I wouldn’t get home till almost 10:00 pm.

Saturday: This would be the day that I needed to travel to our neighboring prefecture to Fukuoka city. Since my fellow ALT Becca had to work that morning, we didn’t leave right away. This was good because I got to sleep in. Her friend from the UK, Laura, would also be with us on this trip. The main reason for this trip was for the SHINee concerts that we all had tickets to. Becca and Laura would attend the Saturday concert, while I would visit my friends Akari and Cheela. With all our travel, concert, and friend visiting, it was a long day. I didn’t end up in bed till almost 3:00 am.

Sunday: The last day of the weekend would be longer feeling than Saturday. Becca and I got up early, around 8:00 am, because we wanted to try to take part in a high touch (high five) event for a Kpop group called VIXX. To participate we had to purchase CDs where the event would be held. So, we walked our way to the event hall got the CDs and a ticket to meet VIXX. After we ran around to try and figure out lunch and Starbucks (for me), and then back to the hall we went. The high touch event started at 2:00 pm, but was late so not really until 2:20 pm. We got to shake hands with all five boys at around 2:45 pm.  Afterwards, since Becca and I had the SHINee tickets for Sunday’s concert, we needed to book it to the concert hall. It would start at 3:30 pm, we arrived with ten minutes to spare. Concert ended around 6:35 pm. Then it was off to get our luggage from our hostel, eat something, and catch the train for a long ride home.

So now, dear reader, that brings us back to today; The first Monday of a new week. Today? I just have lessons and English club, nothing crazy or additional. What I want is to still be in bed but I will make it through this Monday slug day. I will for sure be going to bed early, I am such an old lady these days. But you have to agree. My week was crazy busy! From sun up to sun down I was booked.

I will be sure to post a better retelling of the craziness that was my KPOP Sunday. There is plenty of wonderfulness that was not told. Just gotta stay tuned in!


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