28 Days of Tammy

Yesterday, February 28th would have been Tammy Hayes’46th birthday. In years past it was a day filled with laughter, heartwarming cards, and cake. Sometimes it was a shopping day too. In recent years it has become a little more somber. This coming April will be the start of the third year since my Mothers death that … More 28 Days of Tammy

Tis the season to be gray, Fa la la la la la la la BLEAH!

Trying to find motivation these days has been a trial. There are many things I should be working  on and trying to accomplish. I have been finding difficulty with this for last the last few weeks, maybe even the whole month. First of all I think the February slump has hit me. You know, that … More Tis the season to be gray, Fa la la la la la la la BLEAH!

The Call

It was Monday night and I was just getting up from watching another episode of Everybody Love Raymond to go for a run, when my phone started to ring. It was a call from Akita-san. I quickly answered not knowing what to expect. She wanted me to come out for the night to have dinner … More The Call

Number 13

People have been asking me if I miss American food. I honestly don’t miss much. The things I do miss are things that most American people don’t look for in food. I guess I am really not a normal American person, but I think we all already knew that. Back in the states I was … More Number 13

You’re my Honey Bun, Sugar Plum, Pumpi-um-pi-umkin.

Valentines day is coming up fast and everyone knows what that means. Yes! Day after discounted chocolate and wine sales!! But lets get real, Valentines day is a holiday celebrated all around the world. Now, the traditions might differ in each country but the meaning is still the same; a day full of love and … More You’re my Honey Bun, Sugar Plum, Pumpi-um-pi-umkin.