Today’s Surprise!

Today I was handed a new challenge. The blissful task of teaching my team teaching class with out the team.

I arrived at school like I do everyday, early, when I ran into the schools vice principal. He bang asking me if I got a message from my supervisor Sumitomo Sensei. I said no I didn’t hear anything, but I checked my phone. Sure enough she is out sick today. Influenza has finally started to spread its wings around the school. Students and teachers alike are already falling into its sharp talons.

Still, with her out of commission this means I will be teaching all 38 students of both class 2 and 3 today alone. No team teaching, no JTE. I am going to rock this out! Good thing I don’t need to explain grammar points, I am a conversation class.

Today’s lesson is tongue twisters. I have thankfully already taught this lesson with the other two classes, so I have a good grasp on what will happen in the classroom. I am not just going in blind, with guns blazing. I totally got this!

I keep thinking of how the students are going to react when I say “Hello everyone! Let’s get started!” Their faces will be priceless. Wish me luck! I know everything will be just fine, but poor Sumitomo sensei. I hope she gets better soon. I know she will be sad that she missed today’s lesson.


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