When the Sako’s came to town.

Yesterday was a day full of happiness and smiles. Like I had said in a past post friends from the states would be visiting me in Yanai, my current city in which I live. Though the day was cold and busy they put up with me. I am normally a rather good hostess, but yesterday… Not so great.

The day started like a normal day. I got up, showed, and got my butt to school for work. I didn`t have any scheduled lessons, but I needed to finalize some paperwork for upcoming lessons. While on the other hand the Sako`s flight plans changed for the umpteenth time, but I didn`t mind. It just meant that they where having an adventure. That is what happens with travel. Anyway, they would end up flying into Iwakuni airport, and would eventually meet up with me at Yanai station. From there I would show them the very few tourist spots, the three things, in the city. Sadly it would done in a  bit of a rush. For that I am sorry.

Even with my poor tour of the town, the Sako`s would fallow me back to school where they would get overwhelmed with peering eyes of my High School students wondering who they are, why are they were at school, and what is going on. Thankfully the two of them had been troopers, even if they had been uncomfortable at times. Amanda Sako has never seen a Japanese High School up close and asked to visit it in advance. I talked with some faculty at school and was able to set up a slight tour of the school.

I am so grateful that they had been allowed to enter the school, but more so for having them able to visit with my English Club. My members had been so excited for the visit. I was surprised that my students had not been as shy as I expected them to be. It was like an ALT`s dream come true. The students asked questions, some rather simple like “you like bear,” and some harder ones like “who is a person you look up to?”

Regardless, I was like a proud Mama watching her children grow and flourish. They have come such a long way from the quite, shy little things I had started working with back in July. I am not curtain, but I would like to think that with my lessons and influence it can be contributed to this growth. Maybe it was just the fact that I had my girls prepared for this meeting. I gave them information about my two friends that would be visiting, showed them a picture or two, and helped the girls work on their questions. Still, I am just happy to see them do so well. My friends had also asked questions to my girls, and they responded well. I was for sure a beaming proud Mama bear.

I feel that it is too bad that I cannot create more opportunities for students to meet with other foreign English speakers. I have many friends from all over the world that I think would be great to have visit, but sadly I know it is not possible to have happen. Things like English camps and other meet ups I think help, but the students only get to meet with ALT`s not regular everyday people. This can be good and bad, but it would be different and more genuine for each side.

Where are the Sako`s now? They are likely off visiting more of Hikaru`s family that live in Yamaguchi prefecture. I had left them early this morning because I still had to work. All in all Monday was good and today ended rather well too. 


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