When in doubt pinkies out.

My calendar always seems to fill up faster than I expect it to. I often think I am going to do the normal mundane thing of waking up, getting ready for work, going to work, then finishing work, eating something and going to bed. Most days it comes and goes just like that, but there are times where I have weeks loaded with random additions. It is often exciting and rather unexpected. I quite enjoy the surprises, even if it means I am busy like the old days.

When I say the old days I mean back when I was in school; High school and college. I would cram pack my days full of work, after school activities, and social engagements. Yes, like a good girl, I would find time for my homework even if it meant I would have a ton of all-nighters, which, unfortunately, I often did. My life now in Japan has become rather routine. I don`t mind it in the least. I get to get a really nice amount of sleep and I have been on a healthy diet. I am also stress free. That in itself has been a wonderful blessing.

The strange part about my schedule is that it always gets busy at the end of each month. Every month starts rather laid back and easy going, but slowly get busier and busier. This month has been an exception. I still had a lot of traveling left to do during the holiday break at the start of the month, along with the weekend after.

What am I trying to get at with all this? Well, just within the last week things have been popping up left and right. I have friends coming to visit on Monday from America, the Sako`s, then there is also a party for the Japanese tea club, and now I have been asked to help out in Tabuse with a basketball game. I don`t think that is everything either. I do not regret that these things have come my way I am just surprised at how quickly it has happened. All within a few days, it makes me feel popular again. Not saying I ever really was, but one likes to think so.

Either way I am still planning more trips to see friends and more areas of Japan. I will keep you updated with all my adventures and small dairy posts/rants I often write. Not sure if anyone really enjoys or reads them, but I will still continue on. Next post? I am thinking of a Sako update, or maybe about the tea party. Not quite sure. We will just have to wait and see!


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