A little dusting and they lose their shit.

These days it has gotten colder in my neck of the woods. It had been on the warmer end up until just a few days ago. Today it is even snowing. Yes, it has gotten cold enough to snow. It is just a dusting of snow, but it’s still snow! It is no longer in the 50f range either. Things are also getting canceled because it “snowed.”

The wind has also been strong since yesterday afternoon. I can often hear the howl of the wind coming through the cracks in the windows and doors of the school. It’s like the winter spirit is whistling at me. Well, at least I was smart and wore my winter jacket today! I was warm on my way to school.

Now, as I sit int the teachers office, I’m chilled. No longer does the office seem to be a room where I am trapped to suffer heated death sweats. I’m now chilled and my hands cold. Today’s school is not my base school? So I am not close to a heater like at my Koko. My visit school is also a newer building and has a different heating system. Not sure how good it is though. I know my air con can pack more of punch. All I can do is sit at my desk and deal with it. My coat has already become a blanket. Not much more I can do.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is the assembly in the gym today. Students have to present awards to the principal today. It’s gonna be a cold one. No heaters in there and you don’t get to wear your shoes. Unheated polished hardwood floors against your feet cases an instant coldness to run through your body. It’s not pleasant nor is it fun. Japan, at least in my area, isn’t know for its well insulated buildings. if it’s cold outside its cold inside. It’s just the way it is.

But speaking of feet, mine are feeling better. I still have pain and tenderness in spots but it’s improved a lot. I have bought inserts to put into my school shoes since they are both flats and have no support. The inserts are nice but my feet are thick themselves and then add the inserts there is less space. I find I will have to re-stretch my shoes. It will be like breaking in a new pair of shoes, not really but that’s besides the point.

I still have not gone into the doctor to get my feet checked. I am doing what I can with what I have and it seems to be working. Though it has been a painstakingly slow processes; It has improved. Thanks more to the Sako’s, I’ll have ibuprofen soon! Thank you my other half and homie! It really is like they are will be swooping in to save the day. They will be in my city this coming Monday! First friends that will stay the night at my place. I need to clean….

So today we have snow and foot pain. It is going to be an interesting day for sure! Good thing I only have two lessons left and cleaning time. I just want to nap.. Happy Tuesday to me.


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