Totally normal.

Why are guys so confusing? I have been able to help other people out with advice on guys and relationships over the years. I am rather good at it, but when it comes to guys and dealing with myself I`m at a total loss. I always have the notion that I am always the friend, never anything more. I also don`t often think that people see me as a potential girl to date. I am branded as a forever bro. At least that is what I think.

When things change from the norm that is me crushing on a guy and knowing they don`t reciprocate, I get confused. In my brain I know that the actions of the other person normally mean something, but when they happen towards me I seem to ignore it or think nothing of it. Or I just get really confused about life. Like right now….

Regardless, guys are difficult. You think you can understand them fully but then they go and do something strange and confuse the hell out of you.

Besides my boy confusion right now life is confusing too. I was going to attend an event this weekend but have been told I can no longer go. It was an English Village (English Camp) for some elementary students that are 5th and 6th graders. I was excited to head out towards Mine, a city on the other side of my prefecture, and work with younger students. But since I am a high school ALT I was told I cannot go, it is only for the BOE ALTs. I was super bummed. I wanted to be able to work with younger students and see what the difference in teaching/lessons. Oh, well. I have my supervisor’s nephews to keep me busy.

My feet are also killing me. I am feeling the after effects of my choice of shoes I wore while in South Korea. I had decided to wear a newer pair of convers for the trip. I normally have no problem wearing a flat shoe like my convers, but I guess being a new unbroken shoe killed me. I have been wearing nice and supportive shoes since I came to Japan. I do a ton of walking daily, but I guess all the walking we did in the shoes I wore was a bad idea. I learned my lesson, maybe.

Besides my feet being dead right now, there is the fun news that the Sako-sans are coming to Japan for a visit! Towards the end of this month Amanda and Hikaru will be flying over to see family and friends. They are also planning on coming to my prefecture! Even better! There is only one problem. Hikaru said they will be around on the 25th and 26th. That is a Monday and Tuesday. I have to teach those days… Monday is my long day too, I have English Club. So, we will have to wait and see if I can meet up with them or not. I am worried it is looking like it will the later.

So, what have we learned today? Amanda has boy problems, her fun weekend plans got canceled, and she is worried that she won’t be able to meet up with Friends. It is just a typical day with Amanda. Well, I guess we can`t call it a day. What about typical Amanda problems. Yeah, that sounds better.


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