When I opened my eyes it was already over.

Meeting up with old friends has been on my bucket list since I knew I was going to teach in Japan. I have always wanted to see the places that my friends are from. I have done a rather good job meeting up with a few of my friends so far. I am always excited to see faces that I haven`t seen in a while.


Korea was no different. Though I didn`t get to meet up with everyone I still got to see a few people. Cho, TJ, Jonghwa, and SJ had taken time out of their day to meet up with me and even show me around. It was a great trip. Even though it really only lasted for a day and a half. I really need to go back, so much left undone.

As my Instagram account clearly shows, we did many different things. We ate good food and did some touristy things. I am not even sure what I really all ate, but it was always delicious. I also was able to see many famous sites that are located in Seoul and are normally popular with tourists. I was even able to see the Blue House, but only from afar.

Cafes are great! There are so many cafes in Korea and the coffee is always good no matter where you go. I also was able to go to a dog café. The boys had been a little upset that the dogs had not been more active and excited, but when you get to be lazy all day I don`t blame them. I would like to try a cat café next time.

Since my hostel was in the Hongdae we spent a lot of time there. Night life is crazy busy with young people going out for drinks, food, and clubbing. Day time is more of a shopping seen. It was busy regardless of the time. I think it is a part of Seoul that never sleeps. It was still fun to experience and get to know. I grew up in a small town and didn’t go to a very large city for college. Anything bigger and crazier than that is always something new to me.

Speaking of my hostel, I stayed the Seoul i Guesthouse. It was a really nice place. The staff was extremely kind and welcoming. They also spoke English, which was a plus for me because my Korean is really lacking. They also had free breakfast and internet. It was rather well priced, as I was in the Girls Dorm. There was a key deposit, but they give it right back to you when you check out. It is also really close to the airport bus stop and subway line. I would defiantly stay there again.

Over all, the trip had been packed full of fun and adventure. I am so thankful to the friends that met up with me and showed me around. They really are amazing and wonderful friends to have. I am blessed to know them. I will never be able to thank them enough!


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