2015 Review

When I think about 2015 many things come to mind. Like the start of the year when I moved back to my Dad`s house. I had still waiting to hear anything back about my application to JET that I applied for in the fall of 2014. I had a part-time job making sandwiches at Subway just to have spending money for my possible job in Japan.  I had a Chicago trip for an interview I feared I had bombed. I again waited to hear anything about my interview. I tried out for a play, which I got into as a larger character roll of Beatrice. That was a lot of fun! I moved to Japan. I met up with old friends I made during University. I went on a few trips. I met up with more old friends and made new friends. I worked (and still working) as an English teacher with high school students. I have also been to a few temples and shrines.

So, what was 2015 to me? Well, it was a year of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. It was a big year of change. It was also a great start to my new life. I was fresh out of college and ready to start a new adventure in doing something other than being in school. I mean I did six years in elementary school, six years in high school (including middle school), and then another six in college. I am schooled out! I am now living and breathing in Japan. I am doing a job I never thought I would be doing.  In the end I think 2015 treated me rather well.

What does that mean 2016 is going to bring? I can`t really say. All I do know is that I have officially resigned my contract and I will be staying another year. But heck, it is only the 8th day into the New Year. I can`t really read into the future or anything. So, I can’t say what is going to happen. I just know I am going to travel more, meet more old friends and continue to make new ones, and just be me. Being me in 2015 seemed to work out, so why not keep it up in 2016.

Here is to a new year of fun and adventure! I hope I can learn some more Japanese too. That would help. Anyway, happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all can enjoy a healthy and fun 2016!


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