Holiday Recap

As you know I went to Fukuoka and Okinawa for the holiday break. The time I got to spend with friends was so enjoyable! I am happy that I got to visit and experience the holiday season in a new way.Fukuoka was so much fun. We stayed in what I would consider a hostel of sorts, but it was a room that we rented in a house. The rest of the house was a shared space, except for other rooms. It also felt like we were on a food tour of Fukuoka. We ate so much food. I was never hungry, but always full. There was also the wonderful Christmas lights display that was at Hakata station. We got to chat and do many things together. It was so much fun catching up and hanging out with my friends. I also got Starbucks which is always a plus!

Okinawa was amazing as well. When I first arrived I met up with Yuna and her boyfriend. He was a quiet and shy guy, but that didn`t last for long. With them I got to eat Okinawan style dishes and go to many of the touristy sites on the island. It was so much fun hanging out with them. I miss them so much already!

After spending a day and a half with Yuna and Daigo, I spent two days at Makoto`s family house. I got to learn about new year’s traditions and see what it is like to visit a shrine on New Year`s. His family was amazingly nice. I was grateful to be with them on the holidays. Down side, I was hangover all day on new years day. Yeah, I partied a little too hard.

All in all my trips had been a learning experience about travel, but most of all I made some really amazing memories. I am happy to have met new people and learned a lot about new traditions. I know I could go into more detail about both of my trips, but I don`t feel the need to. It was a great experience that I won’t forget for a very long time.


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