They do exist!

Yesterday I went to a dinner party that was put together by one of the wonderful older ladies that I have been able to meet while living in Yanai. I call her Akita-san, she owns the company that I rent my apartment through. I have been able to meet many new people and do many … More They do exist!

Totally normal.

Why are guys so confusing? I have been able to help other people out with advice on guys and relationships over the years. I am rather good at it, but when it comes to guys and dealing with myself I`m at a total loss. I always have the notion that I am always the friend, … More Totally normal.

2015 Review

When I think about 2015 many things come to mind. Like the start of the year when I moved back to my Dad`s house. I had still waiting to hear anything back about my application to JET that I applied for in the fall of 2014. I had a part-time job making sandwiches at Subway … More 2015 Review