Is this another Dear Dairy? 

When I see you smile, I know that everything is going to be all right. I know I don’t have a significant other to spend the holidays with, but I do have plenty of friends. Though I haven’t been able to see their faces in quite some time, I am doing alright. I have gotten a little suture crazy the last few days. I am restless for some excitement and adventure. I am just sad that I have to spend money to do it. 

Holidays are always an expensive time of year. Gifts, travel, and food expenses, not to mention alcohol, it sucks the money right out of your bank account. Not to mention paying off my student loans as the same time. Oh and let us not also forget about the regular bills for everyday life. Yeah, I am totally going to be broke these next few months. The up side, I am going to have one hell of a time while doing it. 

So many trips are popping up out of nowhere and I can hardly keep up with everything that is happening. Holiday trips are great, but they are now floating over into January as well. I am going to be flying all over the world! Okay, not really, but that is beside the point. I am ready to get out there and have fun!

I have been finding myself in a holiday slump. No snow, no Christmas decorations plastered all around my apartment, it has been a little empty. I am not grumpy like the Grinch or anything; the season just doesn’t feel the same. I chat with my sister almost every day. Keeps my mind of the holidays and how the family will spend it back home. It makes me happy to chatter about silly little things, it is a total plus for me.

No, no need to worry about me. I will soon be emerged in holiday cheer. We have an ALT Christmas party tonight. We will party the night away! Well, until I need to catch my night train. Then I am off to spend a few days in Fukuoka for Christmas with friends. We have no real plans for that but we will make it a grand escapade time! After all that comes New Year’s. I will be in Okinawa! I just need to remember that I have to buy a lot of omiyage for my students and teachers. I promised cute sensei I would get something just for him. I know, bold of me wasn’t it. But I digress. 

The point is I will be just fine. When I get a little down and feel like I messed up, which I often think I do, I get a wonderful reminder that life is going just fine. The best reminder is when my students smile and laugh. When they are enjoying life, I enjoy it too. Then I know I am doing just fine, I am where I need to be. As my Mama used to say “it’s all good.”

Yeah, I know. Such a Mom thing to say but damn it all, I love my job and I love my students. I just need to keep working hard. I will be sure to keep making time for fun and friends as well. But I want to wish you all a happy holiday and to enjoy all the Christmas cheer, but most of all the turkey. I miss that stuff. 


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