Dear dairy, I mean… Crap.

If I count the exact number of days since I arrived in Japan, I would already have been here for 143 days. That’s a little over twenty weeks and it is exactly four months and twenty-one days. That, my friends, means I haven’t been here that long at all. I have been beating myself up a bit these days. Maybe it is because of the weekend of nothing but laziness and cleaning mixed with my free time to over think life (talking about my last post). Or maybe it is the fact that I already want to be a master of the Japanese language. That clearly is not going to happen anytime soon. Even though my main supervisor keeps telling me that I am getting better little by little, it hasn’t raised my spirit much. Yes I guess I have improved, but only if we count that I now know how to say garbage, broom, eye drops, and a few other cleaning phrases and words.

Okay, I might be beating myself up again, but if we look at the length of time I have been here, I am still ok. Sure it has been over one-hundred days, but that feels like only a few weeks when we look at the scheme of things. So, yes I have improved. My listening is still better than my speaking. I can read a little more katakana, one of many enemies, but I am way better at hiragana. I just need to remind myself that I am slowly improving. With time and my willingness to learn I will get better. I just need to kick my butt into gear a little more.

Another thing that I need to work on is my motivation to keep up with my running and/or walking. These days the sun sets at about 5:35 – 5:45 pm at night. It gets dark rather early and quickly and it also gets cooler sooner. It also means that Amanda doesn’t want to go outside and run in the chilly night air. 

I normally really enjoy running at night. I like the cool air and the darkness. It is calming. The fact is I just feel tired these days. So my motivation to run has been little to none. Maybe I just need to take in a little more protein. It might also be that I need to eat a more substantial lunch. Two onigiri and some miso soup might not be a big lunch but I always feel full. Maybe today I will get two tuna onigiri instead. That has protein in it; at least I think it does…

On a livelier note, it seems like there is just a few more days until my sister will have her baby! I got an update that she is only one centimeter dilated as of her last doctor’s appointment, but not going into labor anytime soon. I am super excited! I think when and if I ever move back home I am always going to be stealing that kid and spoil him rotten. Yeah that’s right, I am going to be the best aunt EVER! I also think I want to get a dog, but that isn’t really related. 

My blog is totally turning into random dairy like update, not adventure updates. That’s what happens when you don’t have any adventures to report. Sad, I know. Well, until the next post or my lazy butt does something more important, I wish you all a Happy Holiday!


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