Two days later…

People went out and about on small trips this last weekend and then there was Amanda. She just sat around her apartment. Occasionally she would clean a little, and watch a new Netflix drama or catch up with some Kdramas on Drama Fever. Who would have thought that she wouldn’t even leave her apartment for two days? Yep you hear that right two whole days. Friday night at around 8:30 pm she arrived back home from a small workout session, but not without stopping at a local 7/11 to pick up a celebratory drink because it was finally Friday. From there she would not leave the apartment again until 7:45 am Monday morning to begin her walk to work.
Yes, some of you might think me crazy for literally staying at my place for two whole days. To most it might have been a little mundane and lazy, but to me it was a relaxing and somewhat eventful. Sure there had been a few moments of boredom but I overcame that by getting off my butt and cleaning something. I am not fully “new year’s” clean, like some of the Japanese are, but I am slowly getting there. Though I feel that my place will never fully be clean, the dust in Japan is crazy. So it will be a never ending battle to keep up when it comes to cleaning.
For those of you that know me well enough, sitting at home is rather hard. I like to go on adventures and keep busy. While things of that nature are always fun, staying home this weekend helped me to slow down. I just wanted time to myself. Though with alone time comes way too much time to think. So I did my time overthinking about life and about myself. This is really a normal thing. I often end up battling it out with myself when I have free time to think, but I was rather nice to myself this time.
On another note, it is almost time for my big trips! I am so excited to be able to meet up with friends. I feel like I have gotten closer to a few people that I was not able to before back in the states. I am talking about the Japanese friends I made while still attending SCSU my final years of school. Since I was trying to get the heck out of school I put a lot more time and effort into my classes and less time being social. Though keeping up with my schooling was a good thing, it does also come with a price. Less time with friends and more time locked away working your butt off. I am glad I did what I did, but school is a different story entirely.
Right now nothing exciting is happening. I just work, eat, sleep, and work out when I can (more so when I am not feeling lazy). That is okay though. Routine is good, but it is often lacking excitement. Soon adventures will be happening and I will do my best to keep those who care posted; meaning those who really read my lame posts. Until then we all just gotta sit back and enjoy what we life gives us. Wishing you all a happy holiday, have fun and be safe!


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