“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… I don’t care if it’s cold outside…”

With winter comes the need to stay locked in the snuggly warmth that is your bed. I know it is still 50F here (10c), while back home in MN it has been below 30f (1c). I still don’t want to get out of bed. But when I finally drag myself out and into the shower, I don’t want to leave the warmth of the shower. It is a never ending battle. I DON’T WANNA GET UP!
The major difference between being cold here in Japan and cold in the states is that there is no way to really get away from the cold. You can run the heater but you will be running it all day to get your home to stay at a warm temp. This is because most buildings are not insulated well or hardly at all.
You can tell how well your place is insulated by turning on the kitchen fan above your stove top. If you want to really be impressed turn on the bathroom fan too. You will be able to see how cold air gets into your house. My apartment has been rather humid and cold. I have been running the fans to try and get rid of some of the humidity because black mold grows easily here in Japan. Running the fans I found that cold air gets into my place from every tiny crack.
Heaters run all day long in the teacher’s office. I unfortunately get to sit right next to one of them. Many teachers still have jackets and multiple layers on when they are at their desks. Then there is me. I just have a knit sweater on; only one layer. Today I happen to have my sleeves rolled up as well.
I feel like a bad ass most days. I say this because while everyone walks to school dressed for the colder parts of the season; hats mittens, scarves, and hats, a thicker jacket at times. I only have on a thin fall coat; yep, a total bad ass. Heck, I still go running outside and at night time too. The air is always colder after the sun sets.
While I revel in the fact that I can still walk and run comfortably outside, unless it is raining then I often feel cold, I still keep track of the weather back home. When I see that the temp is below 32F I feel a little sad. I know there could be snow, one of the best parts of Christmas. Even though I can’t have a white Christmas here in Yanai, I have been wishing for one for my family and friends back home. Last year it was a dead brown Christmas.
I also hope the weather stays nice for when my nephew is born. I just don’t want to poor little dear to be born close to Christmas. No one likes having birthdays near or on large holidays. Regardless there is only a few days left until the big day! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the little guy, Mr. Cooper. I am going to be such an AMAZING aunt, just saying.
And with that… Happy Holidays Peeps!


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