And they call it Mt. Misen.

Another Saturday is quickly approaching. That means I am going to be climbing me a mountain. Yes, you heard me right, a mountain. It is located in the Hiroshima area, to be more specific Miyajima. It is really close to the floating tori gate and apparently the hiking spot is rather popular. So, Taylor (a fellow ALT) and I are going to do what might be impossible; we are going to hike up it. Possibly even die.
The hike up might be a little over an hour and a half. I am not entirely sure this is true, because we haven’t done it ourselves but I am really looking forward to it. Regardless of time it comes down to whether we can live through this or not. I am not the fittest person out there, but I think I can survive this work out adventure.
The plan: Start at the bottom and walk our way up. I know a little too obvious right? Taylor and I will do our best to pace ourselves and take breaks when needed. I am going to pack a light lunch to bring with incase we may need it. The main goal: Make it to the top and celebrate with a drink. CHEERS!
Over all, the entire trip is for fun. I have wanted to hike up the mountain ever since we had been to Miyajima on our first visit. The challenge is exciting and more over something I have only deemed possible to accomplish in my mind. Now I will make it a reality. So, get ready because in two days I might be dead.
Mt. Misen, challenge accepted!


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