Mixing the melting pot.

With the changing of the season and especially at this time of year, everyone seems to have gotten sick. Since we have moved into the cooler months of fall, soon to be winter, students and teachers alike have been getting sick. It seems as though no one is safe these days. I always have a handful of mask covered faces mixed within my classes. I feel like I am walking into a room that houses some plague every time I teach.
I know that people get sick for many different reasons, but the one I feel is the biggest with my students is how bloody hot they like to keep their room. I always feel like I am going to die. I am a person that would rather have a cold room or space and wear many layers to stay warm. These kids wear the layers and keep the room hot. So all the classrooms are warm and humid; it is a perfect zone for bacteria to grow.
Since I am not in the same classroom often I might be safe. I get to roam around the school and I visit many different classrooms. I keep myself healthy, and wash my hand often. I am hoping to not get sick while I am here in Japan. Though the health care system is easier, since you go to the doctor for every little thing in this country, I don’t feel my language skills are ready for a visit to the clinic or hospital. At least I have a kick ass supervisor who would take me if it would come to that.
Either way, people are sick around here. With most it is just be a little cold, like a stuffy nose, but at least no one is hacking up a lung. I feel like that happens often back home in the states. I don`t know which is better, walking into a room full of mask covered faces or a room with a person about to cough up a lung. Maybe my plague filled room is better.


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