Gonna be lost for a while.

You would think that being in Japan, living with the people, and being forced to use some Japanese would help anyone pick up the language faster. Well for ALT’s that isn’t always true. I have been trapped in this English bubble and I can’t seem to get it to pop. It is just too damn thick.

I had a friend do the JET program a few years back and I asked her all the time if a person with very little Japanese could really get along while in Japan. She said “Oh, yeah. Being an ALT you are always in an English environment.” I didn’t really believe her at that time. I am coming to find out that it is true.

I haven’t been a very good student with Language. I don’t do the study part of studying well. I just want to watch and then do. Well, when everyone wants to use you as an “Engrish lesson preaze.” Your hope of using any Japanese starts to go down the toilet.

Regardless of anything I really need to pick up a book and start practicing myself. Self-study is hard and when you’re a person who isn’t good at even a group study situations you need to work even harder. Well I just have to get off my lazy butt and do it.

I am thinking of ways to incorporate some form of a language exchange in the English Club at my base school. I feel that if I start learning the Japanese versons of the English words the students are working on learning, everyone would be a winner. Reasons being; one, everyone would be having fun sharing what they know. Two, no one would be intimidated by the idea of something being English only. Weather it happens or not is another story.

For now all I know is that I need to get my butt in gear and learn how to study. The End.


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