Call it what you will.

Something that has been a huge change since I moved to Japan is portion sizes. America, you got it all wrong. I feel that, as an American, we really need to start teaching healthy living. This is something I never really understood. That is until I left the world of go big or go home.
Here is the deal. Growing up I was never told what a serving size really was. Okay, we had home economics class in high school but that was one class, one time. It might have even been in Junior High School. Regardless, I was to young to fully understand what I was being told.
I also didn’t care what the effects of what I ate would do to me. I was young and always heavy set. My family was a take what you want but no food left on your plate kind of family. The threat of not finishing your food? No snack later that night before bed. So, I ate what I wanted and how much I wanted with very little limitations.
In recent years I took on the challenges of running and eating healthier foods. Limiting my sugar and salt intake as well. I lost weight, gained muscle and my endurance improved. Still I would find myself struggling with the number on the scale, my inner thoughts, and my body image. I was working hard and felt the results didn’t show my dedication. Yes, people noticed the changes and many complimented me. I was fighting with my self and the person I wanted to become. I was feeling hopeless and defeated, still I battled on.
Since the move I have lost a little more weight, so says the scale. And it seems that people believe the weight I lost since I arriving was just because of the types of foods I am eating. Yes, that is a small part but I still eat the healthier items I had been eating before the big move. It really comes down to eating three well portioned meals. I watch my calorie intake and I surely leave room for treats. I am good to myself, I hold back but I’m not going to say no to every little thing. That would be a bland and tasteless life.
So, learning portion sizes has been huge for me. The other big thing has been that walking is not a terrible thing. I know I HAVE to walk everywhere because I am without a car but I’m happy I had to. I am sure to walk at least five miles a day, a little over 10,000 steps. On average, so I have heard, most people hardly take 3,000 steps a day.
Yes in the states it’s hard to do. When I lived at my Dad’s house the nearest “large” town is about a 35 to 40 minute drive. That would be one hell of a walk. So, just being active and moving when at all possible helps.
I also try to run at least 3 times a week. Instead of the one mile a day goal I had set in the past, I now try to run 20 to 25 min straight. Some days it feels like a walk in the park. Other days I want to rip out my hair. It is all good, just need to keep on pushing.
It has been over three years since I started this weight loss endeavor. It has been a long and tiring up hill battle. I am still not at my ideal goal for myself; it’s not a number on a scale. I am looking to feel good in my own skin. Slowly happiness has creeped in. Slowly I am learning that yes, I am cute. Yes, I am beautiful. No, it was never about being fat. It is about me being happy with myself the way I am.
So to all of you who are not happy with yourself make a change. If you want something to happen then do something about it. So what, it has taken three years for me to get where I am today. I am still wearing large size clothing, but The feeling I have in those clothes has changed. I know that change isn’t going to happen over night. I keep working hard to make myself happy, not society. So, do what you gotta do to be happy. Just don’t be an ass hat about it.


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