That day I walked with a rabbits foot in my pocket.

Last Friday was as strange as they come. Normally it would be a day to fear, being that it was Friday the 13th after all, but for some reason it was a day full of surprises. None of which had been bad.
It started out like any other Friday, with me not wanting to get out of the comforts of my nice warm bed and the peaceful slumber I had been partaking in. Still, I needed to get up to go to work. Dragging my feet as I showed, got dressed, and loaded up my backpack with the necessities needed for the day.
Since it was Friday, my day to visit Yanai Shoko, I stopped at Seven Eleven to buy breakfast and my lunch. With my arms full of goodies I made my way over to the register. Like normal I said very little, until the cashier lifted up a box and told me to “please choose two.” All in Japanese mind you.
I was surprised and downright confused. This isn’t a “normal” daily occurrence. I did as she instructed and ended up walking out with a Calpis drink and a card that I don’t know what I am supped to do with. This was just the beginning though because throughout the day, I would find my hands full of goodies.
What had these goodies been? Well, I finally can login to any of the computers at Yanai Shoko. The down side, my user account isn’t set up with the accesses to changing the keyboard to type in English. I am working on that one myself. I just worry about needing admin login info for it.
The other goodies I received were two delicious mandarin oranges from Suo Oshima, and a huge daikon that was raised at the school (I posted some pictures about it). So, in all my day was full of good surprises. I even got to chat with cute Sensei. He actual thanked me for the treat I left the last time I visited the school. But the topic of cute Sensei is for another time.
All in all Friday was a good day. The weekend, though rainy, was good as well. I was able to clean my apartment and hike up one of the mountains near my town to visit a temple. But, though my days have been filled with happiness many unfortunate and terrible things happened over the weekend. So, while I am happy for my good blessings, I will be continuing to not only hope for the future of one place (Pairs), but for the people of the world.


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