Remember, remember the 5th of November.

The leaves are finally starting to change and it is becoming more apparent that fall is upon us. November is moving by so fast. It is already the 11th. Feels like it was just Halloween yesterday, but sadly that is not the case. November will be over before I know it. Still, what is yet to come this month?
Well, of course my lesson load is still full swing. There might be one day where I have no lessons to teach, but knowing me I will end up filling it with some strange task or mission. I have already finished one of the three lessons that had been scheduled for this month and I am about to wrap up the second one. The lesson I have created next I am still very unsure of. Regardless I will do my best!
Besides lessons and club activities there is also the dreaded Kencho. This time it is a two day seminar, which is coming up next week. It will be the first time I will be taking part in this seminar, and unfortunately I have, what everyone is calling the hardest or worst topic to present, Lesson Planning. My team consists of veteran ALT`s and new ALT`s, but the new outweigh the old. I don`t want to go into much detail of my frustrations about this whole thing at this point in time, because it is deserving of its own post.
There was also the Bunny Island trip that a fellow ALT and I were going to travel to. Notice the was and were in that sentence… We decided that early next year might be better, so it has been postponed. Weather was a factor but right now it is mostly about money. Stupid student loans!
Since we can`t do the bunnies, we will go to Miyajima instead to hike up one the mountains there. I am super excited about this trip! I am ready to pack a lunch, buy some water, and celebratory drink to celebrate making it to the top. All I need yet is some hiking shoes. So can`t wait for it!
There is also a festival coming up soon in Yanai. It will be held on the November 23rd and will for sure be a fun filled day of festivities, food, and performances. There is also a dance performance that one member of our schools staff has to participate in. I hear I am to do it next year. Now I will know something other than Soranbushi.
So, as you can see November is busy; just wait until we make it into December. There will be a long holiday break there. I am for sure going to fill it to the brim with activities and trips. For now I will say that I will be flying and taking many trains around Japan when that time. Let`s just hope I can survive November until that time. I am so tired these days, but still genki as hell!


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