It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.

Tomorrow I get to go take part in one of my visiting schools festivals. It is called a 文化祭, bunkasai, (cultural festival) and it will be the first one I can attend out of my own schools. I am excited to see what they students have been working on for the last few weeks, but sad that I am missing a day. It is two days of fun but sadly I am at my base school on the first day, today.
Regardless tomorrow will be exciting and fun! I hope I don`t get myself into trouble but I think I will be just fine. I am a little on edge. One of the teachers that I feel I struggle the most with wants to hold my hand and tell me what is all going on. I would rather roam around myself and speak with the students, but we will have to see what happens. I will just have to slap a smile on my face and deal; I know I am good at that and I will make it out unscathed.
Besides the 文化祭, bunkasai, this Saturday is HALLOWEEN! Since I am in Japan Halloween will be a little different this year. I originally thought I was going to be home alone watching Halloween movies on Netflix while drinking the night away, but plans have changed. I will be traveling to Fukuoka to visit friends! I will also be getting a haircut. I might be able to see again! My bangs are way to freaking long right now.
Either way, Halloween is not going to be the same. For one, it is my first Halloween since I have graduated college and we all know how I spent my Friday night last year. Drinking and dancing the night away. This year I am just happy to spend the weekend with friends. I may not get to dress up this year, but it just means I will have one hell of a good time when I get back to the states; whenever that might be.
So, all my cool friends back in America please enjoy Halloween for me too! Drink and be merry! Wait, that’s Christmas. Anyway! Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and enjoy a night of horror!


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