Learning the basics.

Lessons, lessons, oh and hey more lessons. That is my normal every day during a workweek. Though there can be a day here and there that I find myself not teaching a lesson or two. When I get a free day, I hop right into planning more lessons.
Now if you think I am good at it, think again. I don’t think I come up with very good lessons. It is hard to get feedback about them though. Many of my teachers are very good at just smiling and saying “yeah it is good” or “Amanda you are such a good teacher.” I don’t know if either are really the truth though. I want honest answers but I know it will take time yet to get them. Some of my teachers don’t know how to talk to me yet, but with time I will win them over!
Anyway, lessons… I don’t know how but in true Amanda fashion I have gotten myself busy. I teach at three different schools. Each school has different needs. Each school is not at the same English level. And each school has different teachers. I am still trying to find my footing at each school.
I am slowing figuring out that less is more when it comes to lessons. I still want students to enjoy what I can bring to the table, but many times I end up over loading my lessons with too many things. I think a 45 minute lesson is long, but when you get into a classroom it can just fly by. So, right now we are going to go with the idea that less is more. I can always have a backup plan if I have more time, right? Right. I feel like I am writing to my inner self.
Right now life is hard, but fun. Lesson planning is not my strong point, but I will do my best. Because the lessons are not for me, they are for my students. I have to be sure to do all I can for them. That is why each lesson is different and that is why I work so hard for each one I make.


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