I turned in my golden fields, just to see a different kind of gold.

The leaves are changing; the air is starting to get crisp with the scent and chill of autumn. The people are harvesting their crops and closing up their homes in preparation for the winter weather that will be coming in a short few months. Though Yanai doesn’t have as many trees within the city, the hills and mountains are surely doing a fine job of changing with the season, but nothing as grand as Minnesota. Not yet at least.

What does fall bring? Just like back home it brings illness and sweater weather. Yes, everyone is getting sick. Be it from the temperature change or allergies, everyone is getting sick. I am surrounded by white masked faces. It is as though an epidemic has broken out and everyone is on high alert. Thankfully this isn’t the case. It is just another part Japanese culture.

Though the temperature has gone down from the deadly 100 percent humidity it had been, it really can only be considered chilly in the morning hours of the day. It still reaches up to 75f (23.8c) in the afternoons. Meaning Amanda is still a sweaty mess in the later parts of the day.

Just recently I saw a man dressed for the winter. He was decked out, head to toe, for 25f (-3.88c) weather. That isn’t even close to the temperature here yet. I was dying just looking at him. It did make me think of Makoto and how he handled the winter months during college.

What does this mean? It means Amanda is going to be okay this winter. She just is going to be dying when in the teacher’s office, on a train, or in a shopping center. Heck any place she can’t control the thermostat.

Whatever is to come, I am ready for it and I will do my best to think it is COLD outside. For those of you that know me best, you know I am a walking furnace. So, you know how I really am going to be dying this winter. Here is to a warm winter and a sweaty Christmas. BRING IT ON!


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