Get funky with it.

“Amanda-sensei today in class you used a strange word.” “What does that word mean?” “Could you explain why you always use the word remember and not memorize?” These are just a few of the questions I get ask by my teachers. They are getting funnier as the days go by.
I often have been caught by my JTE’s for using slang or shortened versions of words. It often happens when I know the students are supposed to be working in pairs/worksheets or when I make an open remark that I know they won’t understand.
One of my favorite examples oath this is when I used the word funky during a class. It was a general statement I made but my sponge of a teacher picked up on it. I believe I said something along the lines of “Well, that’s a funky way to spell that.”
As a class we had been playing an upgraded version of telephone by using sentences regarding health and illnesses; Like I have a cough. The last student in the line had to write the sentence on the board. Hence why I ended up questioning the spelling of a student.
Regardless of what was going on, my JTE was on me like a hawk after class. “In class today you said something strange.” My teacher stated. “Oh?” I replied. “Yeah, what did you mean by funky?”
I just laughed, but I went on to explain what it meant and how we often use the word funky now a days. It was surprising to me at first. I had not even spoken very loudly,more so under my breath. I was mainly speaking to myself. I often forget that my voice caries well. I thinking it was caring all too well that day. Right into my teachers ears!
It has taught me something. I need to pay attention to what I say. If I don’t want to be questioned about it then I don’t say it. I’m not worried though. If I end up slipping I it will just lead to a conversation I can have with my teachers.
My students and staff are always making me think about English more than I ever before. I am always learning new things about it the longer I am here. It just keeps everyone on our toes. But we all will agree, English is hard.

As a side note… I really need to start working on my online Japanese courses though. I worry I’m doomed to fail! Good luck me!


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