When you wake up happy.

Waking up in Japan daily has been a bliss. Some days I feel like I am on a honeymoon with just myself. Other days I feel blessed just for getting to be with all the amazing people I have met here. Each day is similar to the last. Yet, they are so different.
Students have exams coming up this next week and my heart goes out to them. For me though it means I have down time at school. You are all thinking I’m going to be stuck behind a desk aren’t you? Well think again. In true Amanda fashion, I will be keeping busy. And it isn’t with what she should be doing (working on her Japanese online language course).
This months lesson will be dedicated to everything Halloween. The hard part is not what to do, time to get decorations ready, or even making games. The hard part is fitting it all into a 45 minutes lesson. Yes, I only have 45 minutes to share with my students how awesome Halloween is. I can make this happen!
Other than that I have also gotten myself busy with other events and activities. Like community sports day, a kendo match for two schools in Yanai, going to Iai practice, and that is only to name a few. I also have quite a few lunch dates too! (Not like a date date. That would be amazing though if it was a date though).
What is really going to have me busy is next month. Three lessons in one month at just at my baise school. That’s not including what indeed to do at my other schools. I know, I am awesome because where there is a will there is a way! It also helps that I FREAKING LOVE my job.


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