When my Mama said “don’t drag your feet.”

Growing up in my family you would never be caught dead wearing shoes in the house. You would also never drag your feet when walking if you wanted to keep your head upon your shoulders. These days I can here my mother saying “stop dragging your feet!” Though it isn’t to me she is speaking.

I have noticed this for quite some time, but lately I can’t seem to get over it. When walking down the street, through a store, around school, really any place, the Japanese people drag their feet. I don’t mean they are slow walkers, well… Some aren’t. I mean they really do drag their heels when they walk.

It bothers me a little here and there, but I normally don’t notice it. It does make me think of my Mama every once and a while. She would surely be annoyed.

I don’t drag my feet, but I walk rather quickly. This has caused me to sneak up on students and teachers. I know they can’t hear me coming but when catch up to them they get a little surprised.


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