Who can really define beauty? No one!

Time and time again I have to remind myself that I am beautiful. Knowing and believing this to be true is something that many struggle with. Whether you are male or female, It is a constant silent battle we wage upon ourselves. On the outside we may smile and appear to be radiating confidence; while our inner self is B-rating everything we wear, say, do, and eat.
I don’t have an answer. I can’t just stop hating on myself. I can only smile and tell myself “yes you are beautiful.”
I have a goal. This goal might be outrageous and not truly achievable, but it is still a goal none the less. I want to work hard to be a roll model for others out there. I’m not looking for praise. I’m not looking for fame. I am looking to change someone’s view on themselves. To have the feeling that “if she can do it, then I can too.”
So, for all the lonely people strugging out there, let’s all smile and make today great. We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Hell, we a fabulous! Just gotta rock what ya got! Love yourself and others will show you how beautiful you really are.


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