It’s a freaking tea party.

Many of the new ALTs in my area have started to feel the stress of culture shock. I am not sure where I stand on the matter. Am I still in the honey moon faze or am I handling everything with ease? What is my deal??

I have been trying to figure out what culture sock really is. Is it the “OMG we don’t have that in America!” or is the “Oh man, I miss home.” I still am not sure. I have been living daily life as positively as I can. Everything is still exciting. I am not saying that I wake up every morning and go “OMG!! JAPAN!!! FUCK YEAH!” I really am just content and happy with my current life.

In all honesty I don’t miss home yet. I have only been here for almost two months. Yes, that is a long time for a trip, but it is nothing compared to a year as a whole. I do find small little things that do make me feel like I am back home in the states. Like my school in Tabuse, they have a farm on the school grounds. Hello, farming! Totally MN related. I am straying from the point…

Family is so important. I do miss them every now and again. I still chat with them and see all their shenanigans on Facebook. I have also been the recipient of wonderful cards, hand drawn pictures, and messages of love. Everyone is keeping busy and so am I, but I know that we will always love and support each other. That is what it means to be family and friends.

I guess I am still in the happy high that is Japan. I have family (not real family but sure feels like it) all over this country. I still meet new people all the time. I am truly excited for what is to come on this journey I have started for myself. I know it was a selfish choice, but I am happy I did something for myself for a change. Thank you to everyone who supports me and is looking out for me. I am so grateful to have you in my life because they are all amazing people.

Loving you all from the bottom of my heart!

The one the only,

Amanda Hayes


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