Getting to know you.

I have been rather active at my base school for well over a month now. But when I say active I don`t mean actively teaching. I know, I am in Japan as an ALT and I haven`t even taught a lesson at my main school.

Fear not! I have gotten over one of many hurdles I will have. Last Friday I was at Yanai Shoko, one of my two visiting schools. I was able to do my introduction lesson four times there. I still have a few more classes that need to have an introduction lesson with me.

Today I am at my second visiting school. Tabuse Noko. I have already completed both of my two 45 minute classes that had been scheduled for today.

The students in my first class had been quite and shy this morning. My second class was rather rowdy this afternoon. I don`t mind having both types of classes. The quite ones I know I can slowly get to be active and speak. The rowdy type, well they are my kind of people. I can get them to take part in what is going on in the classroom. Even if I need to be a little loud to do it.

I think I will enjoy my time in Japan as an ALT. I just have to remember: I will always be confused, I just need to go with the flow, and lastly, be peppy with a smile on my face. Yeah. Everything is awesome!


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