And ya bombed it.

Today started with a very sweaty nervous me speaking in front of 550 pairs of innocent but deadly eyes.

That is right, today classes began once again, but my school had to make a big fuss over the new ALT. Meaning I had to speak at a welcome ceremony in front of all the students and staff of Yanai High School. I feel like I fell flat on my face.

I don’t often get nervous while speaking in front of large groups. Those that know me well know that I speak in front of large groups rather often and for many different reasons. This time though I was not only speaking in English, but I prepared some Japanese as well.

Even though it wasn’t my greatest speech, I did my best with what I could do at the time. Nerves got to me this time. Maybe next time I can do better. Well… At least no one died and I didn’t fall down the steps. Over all I guess that means it was a success. Maybe…


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