Yes, yes, YES!

For the last two days I have been at an English camp just one city over from Yanai, Obatake. It was two fun filled days of Engrish and confusion. I loved it.

The students that attended the camp had been of all different levels. We had middle school first years all the way up to first year high school students. In addition to the mixed levels we had students from three different local schools. We didn’t have a large amount of students in attendance, but there was at least one ALT to two student ratio. My team had fewer students the then average team of four, but we still kicked butt! (We won overall, GO TEAM ALL STAR!!)

In the end I learned a lot. I am not going to go into detail about that here, but I will say that Japanese students are hard working and dedicated.(I can really only say that this is true for the smaller towns in my area, since I haven’t been to a school in a huge city like Tokyo. So, I am going to say it anyway!) 

I will not forget the fun we shared and totally lost faces of the students. I hope that they will grow to become the strong and talented individuals that I know they are. I hope the teachers who put on the event know that the ALT’s that went truly had a wonderful time. Thank you all.

Regardless, I have the next few months, not just two days, to get to know my first year students of Yanai High School. I am looking forward to the adventure that is to come. FIGHTING!


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