When the storm rolls in, the crazy go out and play.

I am currently expiring what is my first Typhoon. The rain has stopped and the strong winds are rolling in. I am not worried or scarred. More excited really. I got to walk in the rain like a boss this morning. I beat other teachers (the four of us that came in today) and I am dry. I am just going with the flow.

I am itching to go stand outside. I want to experience how windy it really is. I can see its might in the way it moves the trees and I can hear the power in its roar against the staff room windows. I want to go out feel its strength push against me.

Yes, I know. I am strange, but hey someone has to be. I wont though. I am at my base school with other staff. That should hold me at bay. There is also the issue of a set of doors being messed up from the wind.I don’t need to be the cause of any other doors getting jammed shut on us. We would be locked in all night.


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