Those ALTs…

We all know there are those who we click with instantly, those who take a little time to fully understand and then there are those who will always just fall short. And when word finally got out for our prefecture assignments every JET, current or new, was thinking ‘what ALT will it be this time?’

I know that I sat watching my computer screen fill up with the strange, the awkward, the fun, the annoying, the quite, the normal, the stressed and the to cool for school peeps (those who sat back and watched it all unravel). Always trying to play the guessing game of what ALT will you be? Still to this day I find my self playing this game. It is never ending. There are days that people grow on you and days that people grow further away from you. That is life and we all must understand we are not going to get along with everyone.

Now I know I am only 25 years old, but I have been often told that I am wise beyond my years.(Not trying to toot my own horn here or anything) It just kind of happens when you have been the oldest sibling, looked after so many of your older and younger friends, and have been through a few rough and tough times. You start to already think ahead and act like an adult a lot sooner than others.

What am I trying to get at here? Well, it is when those that are the true adults don’t act the part that I start to question life. I like to have fun and get a little crazy and I am not saying that adults can’t do. There is just a time and a place; appropriate and mannered ways to have fun. But we have those who would just like to continue to make the foreigner look the fool.

Like I said, I know I am not going to get along with everyone of the ALT’s in my area or even the others all around Japan. That is not why I signed up for this program. I became and ALT for the experience, the change of pace, the challenge, and the adventure.

So, for those of you that are here to just have a good time and be the crazy ass “gaijin” who does what ever the hell they want, listen and listen well. Do not, DO NOT drag me down with you. You can be an ass hat all you want but if you mess with me,  you will truly regret it. Mess with me and you wont like the rest of your year here.

Yes, I was going to end it there, but I wanted to be sure to say that I have met some amazing people already. I have bonded and made so many new friends that come from all over the world. It is just the ass hats of the would that make it hard to have a wonderful experience with those we love and want to grow with. We are all in this together, just be happy!


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