Language is important. It is one of the main ways people communicate and is used differently throughout ones entire life. Yet, I seem to be loosing it and I barley started to use it.

Using English and losing English. That is what is happening. I have been communicating through what has become the true form of Amandanese. Between trying to work on my Japanese skills and using English I have made a mess of them both.

This seems to be a common transition issue. Other ALTs are going through the same troubles of being able to “English.” Most have been here for at least one year or longer.  It has only been a little over one moth since I have arrived.  I am surprised that I have made a mess of things so early on. It shouldn’t have been enough time to rattle my brain, but apparently it has.

Classes start next week Tuesday, September 1st, and I don’t know if I will be able to make it. (Just kidding folks! I got this… Maybe. LOL) In all honesty I know I will be just fine. I have the amazing support of all my teachers at my base school and better yet the other Yamaguchi ALTs, especially those in my area. I am totally going to be a walking failure but I will always do my very best!

Like I know I have said many times already, but know I will say many more, embrace the confusion and roll with it.


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