Just a Week

Wednesday, July 29th, I first arrived in Yanai city. This city will officially be my new home for the next year, and possibly more. But it has only been one week since that day and boy… What a week it has been.

How would I describe my first few days? Hell-a confusing. I find this description rather appropriate for a few reasons. One, I felt like I was just thrown into a hurricane of WTF. Between not having the Japanese skill that are needed for asking the correct questions or filling out important paper work and still trying to get over the little jet lag you have, shit just goes flying over your head.

The second reason being Kanji. For those of you that don’t know Japan has three alphabets. One being Kanji (Chinese characters), another being hirigana (similar to our abc’s I guess) and then katakana (used for foreign words). Let’s just say I suck at reading and writing all three. Thus making reading anything around me and filling out paper work difficult.

The final reason everything is backwards or to the left. Walking, riding a bike, driving, so on and so forth. But it seems that I am the only person that doesn’t know when this rule is really applied or not. Sometimes people walk to the left others to the right. Yes, it just adds to my already confused self.

So lets review: Amanda is confused because of paper work, language, and directions. Sounds like a normal everyday me, right?

In all honesty, I am not saying that my first days had been horrible; Actually far from. I really had no idea what was really going on at times, but that didn’t hinder me in the least. It was so helpful to know I had the support of my fellow teachers, especially my supervisor Sumitomo-sensei and our chief of English staff Yamamotto-sensei. Both have been so helpful to me and super generous, but I can say for all my school’s staff.

Yes, not knowing the language is rough, but I am working on it. Maybe one day I will be a master. And maybe on day I will stop being so confused. But, today is just not that kind of day and well… Tomorrow isn’t looking to good either.


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