High School

I have been placed at Yanai High School; it is also my base school. I have two other schools that I will visit. I sadly have only been to the other schools once each and it wasn’t even a whole day, just a visit.

So what does this mean? Nothing really. I just am a little worried about getting to the schools, remembering where the teachers rooms are, and well doing anything really at these other schools. I feel unprepared but I will continue to do my best!

As for my base school, I love it. I love the teachers that I work with. I am enjoying the genki energy of the students. Yanai is peaceful and relaxing. I am just content and happy. For now that is.

School doesn’t officially start until September 1st. That day isn’t far away at all. I am worried yet calm. I know I am not going to be the best of the best right off the bat, but with how hardworking at dedicated I am I know I am bound to improve!

I will hopefully always do my best. Here is to the up coming year and the long road ahead! FIGHTING!


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