My first post.

I have been blogging on Tumblr, but I feel that some of my written posts are to wordy for tumblr alone. So, I set out on the adventure of searching google and reading random posts about blogs. Through that I have found my way to wordpress. I am looking forward to writing more and will transfer … More My first post.


Language is important. It is one of the main ways people communicate and is used differently throughout ones entire life. Yet, I seem to be loosing it and I barley started to use it. Using English and losing English. That is what is happening. I have been communicating through what has become the true form … More Language.


Waking up in the morning a little groggy, but still aware enough to stagger my way to the bathroom I find my way. After that common ritual, I move to the next task. I sigh as I move over to the sink to wash away the grime from my hands. I attempt to wake myself … More Damn

Those ALTs…

We all know there are those who we click with instantly, those who take a little time to fully understand and then there are those who will always just fall short. And when word finally got out for our prefecture assignments every JET, current or new, was thinking ‘what ALT will it be this time?’ … More Those ALTs…

High School

I have been placed at Yanai High School; it is also my base school. I have two other schools that I will visit. I sadly have only been to the other schools once each and it wasn’t even a whole day, just a visit. So what does this mean? Nothing really. I just am a … More High School

Yes, yes, YES!

For the last two days I have been at an English camp just one city over from Yanai, Obatake. It was two fun filled days of Engrish and confusion. I loved it. The students that attended the camp had been of all different levels. We had middle school first years all the way up to … More Yes, yes, YES!

Just a Week

Wednesday, July 29th, I first arrived in Yanai city. This city will officially be my new home for the next year, and possibly more. But it has only been one week since that day and boy… What a week it has been. How would I describe my first few days? Hell-a confusing. I find this … More Just a Week